Private loan between individuals.

Spin Lender is your perfect alid if you are thinking about requesting a private loan between individuals. A private loan between individuals is the option to consider if you need financing almost instantaneously and / or you cannot go to a bank for any reason.

We work for individuals and companies, we study all requests in less than 24 hours and we deliver the money on average in 5 business days.

Private loan between individuals

Private loan between individuals

The conditions that banks put when accessing a loan are quite demanding. In the majority of occasions when contracting a loan we must also keep alternative products such as insurance or retirement plans. These products are certainly not advantageous enough compared to the competition. On other occasions, even by contracting products associated with the opening of a loan, we will not be able to obtain financing through a bank. If that is the situation, a private loan between individuals is the solution to the quagmire.

Spin Lender has more than 6 years of experience in the private financing sector. Contact us now so that we can study your private loan application between individuals.

Access requirements

Access requirements

Spin Lender wants to protect at all costs the interests of all the parties involved in the opening of a private loan between individuals. For this reason, we require that the applicant meets two mandatory loading conditions in order to open a financing line.

This figure allows us to cover all the fixed costs associated with the opening of the private loan between individuals, while offering a competitive interest rate that will always be between 9% and 12%.

It can be any type of real estate property: an apartment, an apartment, a commercial premises, the industrial warehouse of the company. This property will act as a guarantee to open the line of financing of private loan between individuals. Spin Lender asks for a simple note from the Property Registry in which the name of the owner appears and therefore demonstrates that the applicant has ownership of the property that he presents as a guarantee. Spin Lender will carry out a property appraisal process in order to determine the maximum amount of the value that the private loan may have between individuals: we will deliver approximately 30% of the value of the property delivered as collateral.

Private loan between individuals with guarantees

Private loan between individuals with guarantees

Spin Lender wants to totally get away from fast loan companies that give money without asking questions but in return demand exaggerated repayment interest and totally inflexible conditions.

Each of the private loan applications between individuals that come to Spin Lender is studied independently to determine that the applicant is not in an economic and financial impasse and that therefore the operation presents too much risk.

In addition, we sign all our private loans between individuals before a notary, just as any bank would do. In this way we avoid vices that harm any of the signatory parties.

Total flexibility in your private loan between individuals

Total flexibility in your private loan between individuals

Financing through private lenders is somewhat more expensive than bank financing, but in exchange you have total flexibility and you can choose the way to repay your loan. At Spin Lender we let the client choose each of the conditions for the return of their loan.

  • We let you choose the duration, the number of installments, the type of payment and the type of amortization.
  • You can repay your loan in a period ranging from 1 to 10 years and you will have an advisor who will guide you throughout the life of your loan so that the repayment of the debt does not negatively impact your financial day to day.

Small loan without credit bureau in comparison.

 Those who cannot get a German installment or consumer loan often go in search of alternatives. A small loan without Credit Bureau from abroad could be the solution. In this context, however, it would be very important to make a comparison and pay attention to whether the lender is serious or makes unrealistic promises that he cannot keep in the end.

Small loan without Credit Bureau in comparison – the requirements

Small loan without Schufa in comparison - the requirements

A small loan is usually spoken of when the loan amount does not exceed a few hundred or a few thousand USD. A small loan, however, is a completely normal installment loan, which the borrower is almost always free to use. Cream bank customers who have poor Credit Bureau information and / or a low income have almost no chance of getting an installment, consumer or small loan.

A small loan without Credit Bureau from abroad requires a regular income, but does not require positive Credit Bureau information. A small loan without Credit Bureau in comparison can provide more detailed information on this and other issues.

Small loan without Credit Bureau in comparison – application and approval

Small loan without Schufa in comparison - application and approval

Most loans without Credit Bureau are available through a German credit intermediary. Alternatively, there would be the option to contact the lending bank directly. However, an application on site is not necessary. When choosing a suitable lender, it is important to pay attention to whether they require any upfront costs or fees for credit counseling.

In this case it would be better to look for other alternatives. A reputable lender will include the fees incurred when applying for a loan and during the term in the monthly loan installments and will not collect the customer in advance.

After the application is made, it is checked whether the borrower meets all the requirements. If this is the case, the small loan can be paid out within a few days. This can be done by bank transfer or cash payment. The latter variant provides maximum discretion and guarantees that neither the house bank, nor the employer or anyone else will find out about the loan. The repayment can also be handled discreetly. A bank transfer or direct debit would be just as conceivable here as a cash payment at the post office counter.